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5 Steps to a Positive Image

“Why, sometimes I’ve believed as many as six impossible things before breakfast.”  Lewis Carrol, from Alice in Wonderland

It’s so easy to get caught up in the glitz and glamour that bombards our lives on a daily basis.  But you have to remind yourself…these people aren’t real.  Of course they are living and breathing people, but the majority of Hollywood are shells.  Their lives revolve around appearances, whether physically or how extravagant they want their lives to appear.  But the truth is, their entire existence is based upon how to create and maintain their bodies, social image, ect.  How exhausting?

Let’s be honest, 99% of us will NEVER have a hollywood body.  It’s just unnatural.  Sure, if you and I spent 8 hours daily in the gym and had a personal chef, nutritionist, and stylist, we could look so “effortlessly” perfect and put together.  Instead, we need to be comfortable in our skin.

  1.   Appreciate your body type.  Embrace it.  You can spend years trying to make your pear shape an hourglass or your straight shape a pear.  But where will that get you?  It will only frustrate you, so instead, focus on your strengths, as well as your favorite assets.
  2. Make sure your clothing compliments your body type.  The wrong lengths, cuts, and lines can work against you.  Check out this article and find the clothes that best suit your shape.  If you are comfortable in your clothing, you will feel good about your body.  Nothing is worse than swimming in an outfit or busting at the seams of another.
  3. Focus on what your body is capable of, not what it can’t do.  You may not be able to run a half marathon, but you can grow babies inside of you like a champion!  You may have strength, but lack in the endurance department.  It doesn’t matter.  If you are always worrying about what you lack, you won’t appreciate what you have.
  4. Beauty is only skin deep.  Take Kim Kardashian for a moment…she’s beautiful, but as dumb as a box of rocks and completely self centered.  What’s the point in being beautiful?  Beauty is only temporary.  We all age and we will be old much longer than we are young.  If the outside appearance is what you spend all of your time dwelling on, what are you going to do in another 30 years?  Invest in you, because a pretty face will always age and a nice body will always change with time.
  5. Eat healthy.  You literally are what you eat.  The way you function and the way you feel is directly reflecting what you are eating.  Exercise with the sole purpose of making your life better.  You will hopefully live a longer, more enjoyable life without so many aches and pains.  If you can find no other motivation, think about your family.  Think about being there for them throughout life’s milestones.

Above all remember that life is short.  It’s not worth wasting hours and days worrying about your body, but you need to find a balance.  It is the only body you have and if you want to live a longer life, take care of it.  Don’t let the lies about image consume you and don’t let it dictate your happiness.

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