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A New Mission

We just finished our annual Outer Banks vacation with my husband’s side of the family. It was the first time I hadn’t had a newborn or been pregnant in three years, so I really enjoyed it! I really felt like we finally made it over that hump…you know, the one in which you are always thinking, “this is going to suck but I’m going to keep trying.” The kids are finally all at pretty great ages. The older two are 8 and 10 and can boogie board and jump waves like pros. The 3 year old finally became best buddies with her other 3 year old cousin, and let me tell you, the two of them are trouble! The 16 month old charged the waves like Mel Gibson in Braveheart. He absolutely loved the beach! Like I said, it finally feels like my life is letting out an enormous exhale instead of holding its breath for easier days.

And since I feel like I may finally be able to breath again, I am going to be giving this old blog a makeover and really focusing on its health and fitness aspect. There probably won’t be quite as many personal pieces, mentioning family and such, unless I really feel moved to write about it. To tell you the truth, blogging really became a huge turnoff to me when a complete stranger to me, but follower of my blog, wrote to me in regards to my son’s (then recent) ADHD diagnosis, claiming that I am delusional if I don’t think that he’s bipolar or skitzofrentic. Yes, I let him or her get under my skin, but I also put my personal business out there. What’d I expect? The problem is, I love to write and I really feel like I can use that to help people. My blog will definitely be more inspiring, I hope. I just look around and see how many people are sabotaged by the food they eat. Their diet is causing a poorer quality of life. I want to share how my fitness journey has been a pathway to a better and happier life. I want to help people see that healthfulness can be just as effective as many pharmaceutical drugs, in a normal life. I am not referring to mental illness, as I have a new found respect for a true imbalance in the brain, although I will not write that off as not having something to do with the blood brain barrier. I want people to feel empowered and encouraged and learn how easy it is to make healthy choices a second nature.

But of course, you will still get a few of my rants:)

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