Cheers to the Selfish People!

The thing about selfish people is that they are so blind to their own selfishness, that they cannot comprehend how their actions can really hurt someone.

These people are usually so focused on themselves that everything that happens on a daily basis is just processed to the point of how it affects them directly.  They usually lack any substantial amount of sympathy and as far as empathy goes, well it’s non-existent.  Everything that happens to them is in no direct relation to their behavior.  They take no responsibility for their own actions, especially when they are wrong.  In turn, they never experience that “ah-ha” moment in life.  That moment where they are at a crossroads, (where most people would consider either path based on possible outcomes) but they just press forward impulsively.  And why?  Because their decisions never have any substance behind them.  If they move forward and it is a positive outcome, it is due to the fact that they are so “great.”  However, if they progress and instead find a negative aftermath, the world and all its occupants are against them.  Whatever happens that is not ideal is never their fault.

That’s the other problem with selfish people-they never accept responsibility for their wrongs and in turn, never discover the ability to change.  Sometimes, as angry as they can make me, I find myself feeling overwhelmingly sad for them.  What a dark, misconstrued, hopeless reality they live in.  How weighted they must feel when they think everyone is against them or conspiring to offend them in some way.

Don’t ever expect an apology from a selfish person.

They will never come to grips with the fact that they did something wrong.  They selectively remember the past and consequently, the future will never have a revelation of regret.  Apologies and regret go hand in hand.  But a selfish person will only address how you feel as a result of their actions, and at best it will be in the direct defense to their lack of wrong doing.  To a selfish person, you will never be right.  Again, they lack sympathy at the very least so to even feel pity towards you will never occur.

The worst thing about selfish people is that they are usually extremely manipulative as well.  Why?  The two go hand in hand.  If they don’t immediately have things their way, they will find a way.  Since they lack the basic human feeling of compassion, everyone around them is just a pawn.  When they win their little game they are smugly triumphant.  When they lose they are angry and will claim no responsibility to your feelings.  What you need to realize is that to a selfish person, your feelings and convictions do not exist.

To the selfish people out there, I have a toast.  You will probably have to raise your glass alone, unless of course the people surrounding you have not developed an intolerance to your childish behavior.

May you look in the mirror and try to see the real you.  May you look in the past and wonder why it doesn’t make sense.  May you live today and momentarily place yourself in another’s shoes.  Oh, I’m sorry.  I lost you when I said “another.”  May you think of the future and who will be there with you.  And in absolute seriousness and genuine concern, may you not die completely alone because your entire life was lived as a victim of circumstance.

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  • Reply Uncle Don March 22, 2013 at 8:18 pm

    You, Michele are an amazing girl. Thank you so much for your insight! You really hit the nail on the head. So, so proud to be your uncle. Love you!

    • Reply Michelle March 22, 2013 at 11:32 pm

      Love you too:)

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