Coconut Conditioning

Coconut Oil.  Everybody’s talking about it.  No wonder the women on “Gilligan’s Island” had beautiful hair.

It’s been all over the news lately, as possibly the only actual safe oil to cook with.  So while looking into this all natural and affordable product, I saw people recommending it as a conditioner.  Puh-lease.  I had instant flash backs of two of my best friends doing mayonaise treatments and consequently having hair like straw for over a year!  But when I heard it from a reputable source, I had to try it.

As a hair stylist, the products that people tell me they put on their hair can sometimes make me cringe.  There is a reason why expensive products are “expensive” and it goes well beyond the product name.  Inexpensive products generally contain cheap fillers and abrasive cleansing agents.  They are cheap for a reason.  Oils are flooding the industry today.  Argan oils, moroccan oils, keretin oils!  Yes, I have my favorites, but I will save that for another blog piece because this is about coconut oil.

Use about a tablespoon of coconut oil.

Coconut oil hardens until it is heated, so I would suggest having a TBS you use just for this.  Keep a jar in your bathroom.  And here is why:

  • After you shampoo your hair, emulsify the coconut oil in your hands.  Use about half of the TBS for long hair, and a little less than that for short hair. Then, rub it through your hair from the midshafts to the ends.  DO NOT put this near the top of your head!  For one reason, it is oil!  For another, the top of your head is new hair.  It is young hair.  It really doesn’t need much hydration at all, and this goes with any conditioning application.  (When normally conditioning your hair, glaze the remainder of the product over the top after you have saturated the midshaft-ends.)  Let the oil soak in 5-10 minutes depending on your hair needs.  Rinse well!  Condition as normal.
  • This is the best part!  Use the remainder of the oil on your legs, arms, wherever!  In the dead of winter you won’t even need lotion.  It is amazing how soft it makes your skin.  Not to mention it smells delicious!
  • For those who don’t have sensitive skin, coconut oil is supposed to be great to use us a moisturizer for your face.  Obviously, a little bit goes a long way.  I have an extremely sensitive face, so I did not try this.

I wouldn’t recommend doing a deep conditioner like this any more than twice a month.  Make sure you are using good products the rest of the month that aren’t filled with drying alcohols and you won’t need the extra hydration.  Please don’t do this if you already have oily hair or extremely fine hair.  It’s too heavy and you will be unhappy with your results.

Enjoy your silky hair!

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