Drugs do Kill.

I hate drugs.

My ex sister in law, only 24, died today from a drug overdose.  What’s so sad is that she was just baptized over the weekend, had completed rehab, and seemed to be back on track.  Well so I’m told.  I personally haven’t seen her in over 5 years, which happens with life progression in addition to divorce.  You divorce families, which is sometimes the hardest part.  There’s the people you were close with and the people you weren’t, but you kind of feel like you have to cut off everyone all together in order to move on.

The first time I met her I was 18 and she was literally ironing her hair at the top of the stairs…sitting on a stair with her hair draped over the carpet on the landing, ironing her hair!  That’s how it was done back then;)  Before flat irons.  She was the first person to ever let me put bold, chunky, red and blonde highlights in her hair.  And yes, that was in style back then too.  She was beautiful and she had attitude.  ATTITUDE!  Sometimes it made you laugh and sometimes it drove you nuts, but she was young and confident, and the poor girl grew up in a house with 4 crazy boys!  She never had a sister, so if you caught her in a good mood she would pick your brain for hours.  Other times, she might pretend you weren’t even in the room.  It just depended on how the wind was blowing, I guess.  She was troubled, but she was sweet, and I find it so sad to know she is gone. She left behind a three year old little boy.

You hear these stories all the time.  People you know and people you don’t…all victims of addiction.  These people never think it will happen to them….and it always does…even the people who don’t overdose.  They just die slower and lose everyone and everything around them that they love, while simultaneously caring less and less.

I guess now is not the time to rant about drugs and how much I hate them.  Now is the time to remember a sweet, feisty, beautiful sister, daughter, and mother who is no longer on this Earth because of an addiction.  Now is the time to pray for her son and her family.  Now is the time to tell the person you love, if they have an addiction, that you love them and will help them.  Because you never know if you might lose them.


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  • Reply Meg July 2, 2013 at 10:54 pm

    I hate it too. A lot. Amanda told me about her today and it is just so sad. It makes me so sad for her son. I hate drugs.

  • Reply Donna July 3, 2013 at 8:38 am

    I am so sad….I hate it!!!! Praying for the family! Especially for that child..

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