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Easiest. Childbirth. Ever.

So my little man is now 20 days old!  It’s hard to believe it’s  been 20 days already, but time goes quickly when you’re occupied with children:)

I have to say that this was the EASIEST child birth I ever had.  We scheduled a c section this time around.  Last time I ended up with an emergency section because I had an abnormally excessive amount of amniotic fluid for no reason at all.  Well, an ultrasound towards the end showed the same condition with this pregnancy, and although we were planning on a section anyways, this finalized any doubts we had.  Not to mention it bumped it up a few days earlier.

We arrived at the hospital at 10 a.m. and they took us back for prepping.  We had a huge room and my  nurse was so sweet.  The section was scheduled for noon, however my doctor didn’t end up getting up to the O.R. until around one.  He is the best OB in the world.  He wasn’t scheduled to work in labor and delivery that day, just in the office for exams, but he took the afternoon to deliver my baby for me.  He is the greatest surgeon in the area, in my opinion.  It’s always a good sign when anyone asks you which doctor is performing your c section, you answer, and every single person raves about what a perfectionist he is.  And he is.  He is amazing. My scar is so small and even lower than before.  I heard him say to the assisting nurses while closing me up how “perfect” it was and after this it’s up to “me and God.”  8 pack by summer???  Probably not…but eventually:)

The worse part of the entire surgery was when the anesthesiologist was trying to give me a spinal.  I am terrible at relaxing, especially in a situation like that.  You should see when I get my nails done (which is never,) but the ladies always hit my hands and tell me to “relax.”  It’s just not in me.  I’m tense.  I cannot change it.  So after 3 or 4 attempts at shoving a needle into my spine, the medicine found its way and it was instantaneous.  It’s crazy to be able to feel your legs in one moment, and in the next, have absolutely no feeling at all.  Finally, my husband could join me again, and boy was he worked up!  He doesn’t do very well letting other people be in control of things, especially his wife’s life and well being.  He came in and sat next to me and at that point, I lost it a little.  I’m a strong person and very much a mind over matter type of gal, but when I could see the concern in his eyes, it made me tear up a little.

Then the procedure started.  I will always remember the odd choice in music playing.  I can remember Kesha and Lorde and not really anything after that.  I heard my doctor telling the nurses to be ready for when he approached the fluid, but no one was quite ready enough.  The anesthesiologist was to my right side and leaned over the curtain and was shot in the face with fluid!  It was ridiculous!  Within a few more moments, our little man was out and screaming, I mean screaming at the top of his lungs.  They showed him to me and the nurse had him turned upside down and he looked like a yeti, all white.  J went over and cut the cord, which became another topic of discussion because the nurses had never seen one so large.  This apparently indicates an extremely healthy pregnancy, so all those super foods, vitamix shakes, and overall clean eating paid off.  Not to mention the exercise…

I was up and around the next day.  They wouldn’t let me up until then because the time frame in which the spinal fully wore off was during a nurse shift change and around 11 pm, so she wanted to wait until morning.  In no way did my recovery even compare to my last emergency section.  It was so easy.  My head was clear because I didn’t have an abundance of pitocin and heaven knows what else in my system.  I wasn’t even in much pain.  I was walking laps around the maternity ward, pushing the baby in his little crib cart.  And not to toot my own horn, but it felt great to know that staying physically active seriously paid off.  I wasn’t in need of any pain medication after the first six days.  The worse pain was probably a few days after the surgery itself, and self inflicted because my brother, his fiance, and my cousin were over visiting and kept making me laugh.  Laughing and sneezing hurt after a major surgery.  But nothing like last time.  NOTHING.

I am now 3 weeks post partum and feel great.  I even ran about a quarter mile the other day, then decided I should stop before I ruin a good thing I have going by doing something stupid.  Walking will have to suit me for the next three weeks, but it is torture.  I just want to throw some weights around and do squats until my legs feel like they will fall off.

I will be sharing my favorite new post partum discoveries, so for all of you pregnant readers, be sure to catch my post tomorrow.  I am three weeks post baby and still have ten pounds to lose, but haven’t dieted at all or been able to exercise.   I feel a thousand times better this time around.  I guess it only took four pregnancies for me to get it right?  So hopefully you can benefit from what I’ve learned.

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