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Fix your body and fix your Brain.

Medication:  a substance used for medical treatment.

Addiction:  the fact or condition of being addicted to a particular substance, thing, or activity.

Insanity:  Doing the same thing repeatedly and expecting different results.


Maybe it’s just the way our society is and always will be.  Maybe we will always be addicted to medication to fix our physical and mental problems.  The question is, do we really need these medications or are we all, suddenly, crazy???  As I said in my last post, doctors now a days are trained to identify an illness or disease, pick a drug, and “treat” it.  Sadly, billions of dollars are being poured into the ever growing pharmaceutical industry each year.  Think about the change that would occur if we spent that money on creating and regulating laws on food processing and distribution, nutrient therapies, addressing food allergies, promoting changes in diet, and removing the ingredients that are so commonly found in our foods that are proven to be toxic to us?

The second solution would create a problem for the major money makers in our country…educating, fixing, and changing what we eat and how it is made or grown would possibly be the most expensive form of treatment in the long run…for them!  Because much of what we experience in diseases and disorders could be remedied by what we consume, causing us to maybe not need all these prescriptions.  Keeping us as a people insane is what is keeping the pharmaceutical and health care industries thriving.  When it comes to your health, you have to be your own advocate because it is doubtful your doctor is going to be that for you.

Most of us, including doctors, know very little about nutrition and even less about how and why vitamins and minerals are so essential for brain function and health.  To restore optimal brain function and health, you need to know the “why” not just the “what” of what you’re doing.  Doctors choose to treat the “what,” without bothering to investigate “why” something is wrong.  The problem is, everything is connected.  We learn early on that every action has a reaction, every cause has an effect.  So why is it, as adults, the only way we can conceive treating out issues is with a pill?

Thinking that the brain and body are separated is a well established belief.  Doctors are even trained in the absolute nature of the blood-brain barrier.  The blood brain barrier is a wall of tightly packed cells lining the smallest blood vessels of the brain, called capillaries and astrocytes that hold the tightly packed wall together.  The barrier is designed to keep out toxic infections but allow metabolically necessary ingredients, like sugar, fatty acids and amino acids through.  This is what keeps the brain and body separate.

But what about a leaky brain?  The brain can become “leaky” in many conditions, such as poor nutrition, infection, digestive imbalances, stress and allergies.  If you’ve heard of leaky gut, it’s very similar.  A leaky gut is the cause for many autoimmune disorders because the intestinal lining has become leaky, allowing food particles and other foreign matter into the bloodstream.  If you have a leaky gut, you are likely to have a leaky brain as well.  Things like gluten and other food allergies that damage the intestinal barrier can eventually damage the blood-brain barrier as well.  Drug and alcohol abuse especially damages the blood-brain barrier.  Normally, the brain is protected from metals, environmental toxins, and other harmful substances, however, once the blood-brain barrier becomes permeable, all sorts of problems occur.  Neurological disorders occur such as depression, ADD, ADHD, Autism, mental illness, and even chronic pain.

Fixing a Leaky Brain

It is thought that if you can fix your body, you can fix your brain.  If you can fix your brain, you won’t need medications because you will have cured the underlying issue.  As I said before, most people with a leaky brain also have a leaky gut.  So where do you start?  I would suggest going gluten-free, as difficult as that is.  It is something that I have decided to do myself, and gradually transition my family into as well.  My son suffers from ADHD and the research showing the connection between gluten and his disorder is astounding.  It may be wise to have yourself tested for food allergies or sensitivities.  Some people prefer to do an elimination/reintroduction diet.  Although gluten is the most common culprit in all leaky gut/brains, soy, corn, and dairy can also be a possibility.  We cannot expect a pill to provide the cure for whatever our issue is, because it is just a numbing agent.  It isn’t addressing the root of the problem.

Changing the way you’ve eaten your entire life isn’t easy.  It isn’t convenient.  In fact, the majority of foods Americans consume contain gluten, among many other harmful, over-processed additives. so eliminating really does require a lifestyle change.  But the question you have to ask yourself is, is it worth it?  If you could fix your thyroid without hormones, decrease if not entirely eliminate anxiety, and kick depression, would you?  Of course it is not the first suggestion your doctor will make to you.  It may not even be on his list at all because elimination diets just aren’t the way modern medicine works today.  Neurological problems are imbalances of the body that show up in the brain.  There’s a reason why one pill will work for a few months or years, and then a new one must be introduced.  It is because it is numbing the symptoms of a disorder that is not being treated by its cause.

Just some food for thought:)

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