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Forget the Rain Forrest-What’s Happening to Our Food?

The Medical Journal says that trace minerals in fruits and vegetables have declined as much as 76% since 1940!!!!

We have become a country that is overfed and undernourished.  Why?  Factor in fast food, processed food, toxic ingredients in the majority of our foods, and lack of exercise and there you have it!  But that’s not all.  What about all of us who are making a conscience effort?

There is presently a major depletion in trace minerals found in the soil where our foods are being farmed.  This is an outcome of over farming and one-crop farming.  Farmers now use synthetic fertilizer instead of organic compost.  Instead of having a wide variety of  nutrients feeding our food, we are limited to mostly phosphorous, calcium, and nitrogen.  Which in turn, limits the nutrients we are consuming when we eat our fruits and vegetables.    In fact, the average vegetable found today contains anywhere from 5% to 40% LESS  minerals (including magnesium, iron, calcium, and zinc) than it did 50 years ago!  So food actually did taste better, as your Grandma might say, and it was significantly better for you.

Do you ever compare the sizes of the fruits and vegetables in the organic section and the regular section of your grocery store?  I used to always buy in the regular section for the sole purpose that the organic produce looked as though it was shrunken, toy food.  I thought I was getting more for my money.  The problem?  Those foods in the non-organic section may look super-sized, but unfortunately they just contain more “dry matter” than anything.  Since dry matter is made up of nearly 90% carbohydrates, this means you are consuming less minerals.  In short, less is more when it comes to size-in this situation!

One-crop farming, or mono-culture has allowed the agricultural industry to grow food faster than ever  before.  But they’re also harvesting food faster than ever before.  Early harvesting means less time for your food to absorb the nutrients, vitamins, and phytochemicals it needs.  Less time means less nutrition your body is able to consume.  This all leads to vitamin deficiencies, which then leads to your body functioning in a way that is less than optimal.

It has even been brought to my attention recently, that vitamin deficiencies cause imbalances within the body that show up in the brain.  Such as ADHD, depression, anxiety issues, ect.  Could they all be caused by a lack of the nutrition your body needs?

Just some food for thought on this Friday morning:)



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