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Today, after a serious spin class, I was trying to do some ab work at the gym.  A man comes right next to me with his fancy medicine ball and starts doing who knows what.  He looked like a seal and the worst part was his sound effects!  He sounded like he was in the bedroom and it was right in my ear.  Here is a tip…if you cannot control your breathing and are grunting CONSTANTLY, then please, for the sake of all of us trying to keep our breakfast down, just stop.  I literally had to get up and leave the gym.  Also, if you are a man and you decide to take a yoga or pilates class, I have some friendly advice.  Keep your shirt on.  Nobody and I mean NOBODY wants to see your hairy chest. Maybe somewhere in my mind I or any woman could conjure up a fraction of feeling impressed with you IF you were ripped or something.  Needless to say, it is still improper gym etoquitte to go shirtless in this situation.  Oh, and you’re not ripped.  You are gross and hairy.


They should make everyone take this home and read it before they can fill out a gym application.

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