How to Supplement Your Supplements.

It’s a strange day and age we live in.  We are in a current movement in which everyone is starting to actually care about where our food comes from.  We want organic.  We want non-gmo.  We want grass fed beef.  We don’t want to be ingesting harmful pesticides and insecticides.  Yet we use drugs to correct our health problems as an alternative to proper nutrition.

Why is it that when you talk to a farmer or animal lover, you will always find that the food fed to these animals is extremely selective?  These people believe that what an animal eats directly affects its health.

It’s time to realize that what you consume affects the way your body functions.  By making poor choices and eating processed, empty calorie foods, you are changing the way your body functions.  It’s crazy to think that in a time when agriculture is so abundant that our nation could be so malnourished.  There is absolutely no excuse!!!  The combination of too much of the wrong things in conjunction with not enough of the right things has created the epidemic of degenerative diseases we see today.  You may think malnutrition is something obvious, but check out the sequence in developing a nutrient deficiency below:

  1. Preliminary.  The reduction of tissue stores and depression of urinary excretion.
  2. Biochemical.  The reduction of enzyme activity due to insufficient coenzymes (aka vitamins).  Urinary excretion at minimum levels.
  3. Physiological.  Behavioral effects, such as insomnia.  Irritability accompanied by loss of appetite and reduced body weight.  Modified drug metabolism and reduced immune capabilities.
  4. Clinical.  Classic deficiency syndromes as recognized by the scientific pioneers in the developmental phases of nutrition science.
  5. Terminal.  Severe tissue pathology resulting in imminent death.


How many people do you know that are already at stage 3?  Are you?  What can you do about it?  It is my firm belief that eating a healthy, as natural diet as possible is the answer.  And the best thing you can do is eat whole foods.

I never knew all of the benefits of whole foods until recently.  Until my Vitamix.  I used to buy tons of produce, overly ambitious about all of the meals and side dishes I was going to creatively incorporate into my family’s diet.  But what happened to me time and again was a refrigerator full of rotting vegetables and exhausting dinners, making my children eat foods that they hated.  In the past three days my children have unknowingly eaten spinach, avocado, carrots, kale, and honey.  Everything was in its natural state.  When a recipe called for strawberries or limes, the entire fruit was thrown in, stems, rinds and all.  There are so many vitamins and minerals, as well as fiber in the parts of fruits and vegetables that we usually discard.  My son ate a sorbet made of strawberries, carrots, raw agave, lime, and ice and wanted seconds!  Although I could continue to probably annoy you with all the delicious concoctions my family has experienced since our hefty purchase, I won’t.  What I will say is that I’ve never felt better, and this is coming from someone who generally eats extremely healthful.

A friend of mine asked a great question, “what is the difference between a regular blender and the Vitamix when making a green smoothie?”  My answer is the texture.  There is absolutely no hint of chunkiness or pulp at all when using this machine.  Everything is completely blended together and the balance of deep green veggies with something citrus, cancels out that potent vegetable taste so many of those greens have.  Vitamix is expensive, but if you consider that incorporating these foods in a creative and tasty way can supply you with the abundance of nutrients and vitamins your body needs, and do so in a natural (non-supplemented) form, it is worth it.  We may be surrounded by toxins and processed food, but you can make a choice to start trying to eat more whole foods.  Nutrition is an ongoing science and although scientists can create supplements, they don’t know all of the components in a whole food that makes it healthy, and many of the parts that they do know of aren’t available in supplement form.

Just something for you to think about today:)


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