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If you don’t know, now you know and you will love it!

I have a new love, and no, it hasn’t replaced my vitamix.  However, it’s pretty close:)

This is my fourth pregnancy and I don’t know how I never knew of these until now…


It all started with one of my friends wearing these really cute socks to her crossfit class.  (I’m sure I just insulted the crossfit cult by calling it a class, but I’m ignorant I guess and I don’t know what you refer to your get-togethers as.)  Anyways, she said they were just compression socks, which I had seen but never paid any mind to.  I honestly thought it was just a funny fashion fluke of girls wearing knee socks to the gym, number 1, to keep warm, and number 2, to add a bit of color to their workout gear.  I will be the first to admit that I am embarrassed that I didn’t know about these.

So for all of you that are in the dark about the magic of these babies, let me fill you in!  Compression socks are used to help blood flow.  Mainly because of gravity, your blood has a tendancy to pool in the bottom of your legs, causing poor circulation.  They were originally made for people that were bed ridden, had to sit for lengthy periods of times, flying in airplanes, and things of that nature, as well as preventing deep vain thrombrosis.  After I had my c-section, they made me wear a version of these for 2 days to decrease the chances of developing a blood clot.  In terms of fitness, the more blood flow you have, the more by products are being flushed out.  In recovery, the same idea is true.

Studies have gone back and fourth on whether or not these really work, so if it’s something that concerns you, by all means consult your doctor.  I am not a doctor, but I am a lover of anything related to health and fitness, so things I love, I share with you.  Moving on, for the most part I’ve found that they do help to minimize muscle damage, especially the delayed type…you know, like 2 days after you workout and your muscles are just screaming at you.  Some studies have found that you will have the same results by taking an ice bath after a workout, but I’ve never taken an ice bath in my life and it’s definitely not on my list of things to do, especially when I can wear these.  It seriously feels like someone is hugging my calves and I love it!

These socks are especially beneficial during pregnancy because of the decrease in blood flow to your extremities, and increased blood flow to your little human you are creating.  It’s always advised to keep your feet elevated and exercise to increase circulation, both of which I have never done.  In fact, all four pregnancies (this one has been the most minimal,) I’ve spent hours upon hours on my feet cutting and coloring hair and I really wish I had worn these.  Also, while pregnant, the veinous system is under twice as much stress, so wearing these can help prevent varicose veins and leg swelling.

Maybe it’s a fad, maybe not.  All I know is that I love them and I will be wearing them all the time;)  However, my best advice is not to go cheap if you’re going to try these.  In all things, you get what you pay for.  Compression socks are designed differently and you need to measure your calves prior to ordering to ensure proper sizing.  I ordered mine from Zensah on Amazon.  These ones provide protection to your achilles, arch support, muscle support to your calves and shins, and feels like someone is hugging your calves!  I really am in love with these!  It’s the small things in life…

They’re $35, which seem a bit steep when compared to others, but you have my testimony that they work, so if you’re interested, try them!  I am a shoe size 8 and have bigger calves (yes, I’m one of those women that has to try on all zip up boots because more than half the time I cannot zip them past my calf) and a size Medium fits perfect.  Again, measure your calf if you’re concerned, but if you don’t want to, maybe this will you gauge your size.

Find your compression socks here!  You will love them:)


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