It’s a Mell of a Hess

I had a teacher that used to say that in reference to my desk.  I knew she was saying “hell of a mess,” so just say it, but I guess teachers can’t say such things without getting in trouble.

Call it nesting.  Call a side affect from being snowed in.  Snow storms always get me going in the organizational department…probably because it is literally the only time I will stay home and focus.  I’m always on the go, I don’t know how to relax, and when I do have down time, I fill it with things to do because I just don’t enjoy sitting around.  It’s a tragic flaw, but I’ve learned to embrace it because it’s who I am and at this point in life, I doubt it will ever change.  That being said, I am also a neat freak, but only in visible areas.  What I mean is, I will vacuum twice a day because crumbs on the floor drive me nuts.  I will pick up toys and clutter constantly because my mood reflects my floor.  It does.  Call me crazy, but if the house is trashed, I’m in a bad mood.  I don’t go to bed with dishes in the sink or dirty counters because if I wake up to that, it’s just going to be a bad day for me.  I do laundry everyday and put it away everyday because heaps of dirty clothes literally stress me out.  I need order.  I need things to at least appear in order, whether they truly are or not.  I need the new day to begin without remnants of yesterday, even if it’s something as silly as pots and pans from dinner before.

All that being said, here’s where the irony kicks in.  Every closet and 90% of my cabinets in my kitchen are a wreck.  My kitchen will be all shining and clean, but open my “junk” cabinets (which I have 3 of) and I would be seriously embarrassed.  It seems like I organize and reorganize, but never find any order.  My closet in my room…yikes!  It’s a walk in, the first I’ve ever had in my life, and let’s just say it gives me entirely too much room to be reckless and lazy.  My hall closet downstairs is like a jenga puzzle and you literally need to take a step back before opening it because you just never know what is going to shift in position and fall out on you.  I keep things I never use, like countless board games to play with my kids.  I hate board games.  The idea of it, sparked by fake children in commercials and smiling parents makes me keep them, but realistically we are years away from playing a board game that won’t end in my overly competitive son being ticked off or my daughter passive aggressively rubbing it in his face.  And finally, my ultimate place that so perfectly displays my alter ego is my car.  I just can’t get it together when it comes to my car.  I don’t know why.  If there was an emergency and I somehow was stranded in my car, I’m pretty sure I could survive for a good length in time.  Between the case of water I always have, random food items, countless items of clothing that I can’t even pin point when or how they entered my car, and worse case scenario, bits of food everywhere, we wouldn’t starve or freeze for awhile.  We could all probably sustain our health just from the goldfish and crackers lodged in and around Addie’s car seat.  In my past life (which I don’t actually believe in, but if I did) I was a gypsy, I’m certain of it.  My husband has a car wash and do I ever wash my car?  Maybe twice a month.  Maybe it’s because I have kids and I know that it’s all just an effort in vain.  I will vacuum my car and the next day, it’s filled with crumbs, mud, and whatever random pieces of crap they bring in and leave behind.  So why bother?

The problem is that these things actually do bother me.  I hate them.  I hate disorder and dis-function.

So my new year’s resolution (one of them) is to create organization.  I need it, especially now that I will have four kids.  The problem is we are moving in six months at the latest, so I don’t want to add all this shelving and structure to things I’m not bringing with me.  So I have made a list a mile of long of ways to temporarily create organization in my problem areas.  Today, I will tackle my kitchen, which although I’ve made a list of how and where to move things, will still probably snowball into a much larger project than I think.

For me, it’s the simple things like this that help create order.  If I actually do a good job, I will post some before and after pics for your enjoyment:)

What are you doing while snowed in today?  Happy Friday everyone!

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