My Tragic Flaw

I never realize how tragically impatient I am until I am surrounded by a large group of people that seem to just be wandering aimlessly.

Me+Crowds=Total Irritation.

What the heck?  Why I cannot simply manage to take a deep breath and become a wanderer and enjoy myself as much as they do is beyond be.  I just have too much direction I guess.  I know what I want and I get it.  I don’t meander.  It’s like I have a sixth sense and I am drawn to things I like and know the difference between when something is a waste of my time vs. interesting.

Enter:  Brand new farmer’s market, in town, on its day opening.

I was, and still am beyond excited to have a group of local farmers and vendors selling vegetables, cheeses, meats, etc.  I love supporting local farmers.

But…when my two older kids are speaking of nothing but popsicles,  popsicles,  popsicles, and we wait in a long, long line of local people only to be standing behind THOSE people.  Oh you know those people.  The people who literally don’t see the sea of people around them and are certain they are the only individuals alive.  The people who are soooo interested in the person selling this popcicle that they are literally asking for the man’s life story, and the man is just probably the sweetest man with a white beard I ever seen and he is thrilled to share his story.  Unfortunately, my tragic flaw of impatience for annoying people reared its ugly head after nearly 5 minutes (or maybe it just felt that way in a crowd of people with three kids.)  And by lose it, I mean have a mini heart attack that no one else will see, slink away in my car, and vent about it on my blog because I would never be confrontational with someone that irritating beyond the walls of my mind.

What is wrong with me?  Seriously.  I mean, the idea of going sounds great.  Even now, I will absolutely go back.  Maybe I can learn some calming mantras or something before next week.

Or maybe you will get another rant of a blog entry about how someone I never met and will never see again drove me nuts.


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  • Reply Donna May 4, 2013 at 2:33 pm

    I am truly laughing !!!! I, too, have seen this flaw rear it’s ugly head!

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