No One Can Put A Patent On Common Sense

You’re given free will…so at what point do you cave and just believe everything you’re told?  Whether in regards to what is morally acceptable, how to raise children, what to eat, and so on, when do you unknowingly just accept it as truth?

The truth is…we’re not told the truth.  We are told what “experts” want us to believe.  We are sheep.  We are told a version of what others believe to be successful or essential and we accept it, as though it is absolute.  Then we become upset and angry when we learn we’ve been led astray or fed a delusion, when all the while, we had the free will to make a choice all on our own.

The problem is we are lazy.  We want someone to tell us what to do.  We want someone to tell us what is best for us and keep us pointed in that direction because we all desire happiness.  We want to be sheep.  I believe we were created that way.   Sure, we ultimately want to make our own decisions and feel like we did so, fully on our own terms, but then why are we so lazy?  Why, especially these days when knowledge is practically everywhere we look, are we offended and angered when we learn what we “thought” wasn’t what we thought it was?

You have a choice.  You can choose to be lazy and let everyone “guide” you in your lifestyle and decisions.  OR you can use your common sense.   No one owns knowledge.  Furthermore, there’s no “absolute certainty” that applies to every person in the same way.  You have the internet at your fingertips.  You are constantly inundated with technology, so use it.  If you have a problem, take some time, read about it, and figure it out.  Don’t expect people with PHD’s or various degrees to know what is best for you, especially when they don’t even know you.   Be your own advocate, because no one cares about you as much as you do.  Of course, some people need medication.  Some people need strict and specific diets.  But no one can put your common sense in a pill bottle and slap a patent on it and that is why it’s not the popular solution.  There is no money to be made off of you educating yourself, being proactive and experiencing your own trials and errors.

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