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Ok, Ok. Change is good.

Today I learned a lesson.

It’s easy to stay with the same routines, especially when you feel confident that you are doing it well.  For example, the first few time I took a body pump class, I couldn’t walk right for days because of the excessive squats and lunges.  However, I had heard from multiple women how the class had transformed their bodies and the adrenaline weight lifting produces.  So I kept going and eventually I could increase my weights and actually enjoyed it.  In fact, I would call the class addicting.  I had never been in a class that would push you to physical muscle exhaustion before.  The endorphins you have after a class are unreal.  At the same time, the class has started to challenge me.  I don’t want to add any more weights than what I am lifting because I don’t want to get jacked like a man;)  Don’t misunderstand me-the class is NEVER easy.  But if I get sore now it only lasts until the next mid-morning.  So what do I do?

I love feeling as strong as I do.  If you haven’t taken a body pump class-try it.  Get uncomfortable and do something new!  Your body will thank you!  There are women at every level in these classes and you will see your body change.  But what I learned today is that it is important to constantly be mixing up your fitness routine.

Today my sister in laws and I tried a boot camp class.  Sometimes working out is easier if you have a partner.  She can push you and at the very least, distract you from the agony of your workout;)  Boot camp usually incorporates a ton of cardio with weight lifting, jumping, squating, etc.  I’ve done it three times over the past year and couldn’t walk for days.  It was brutal!  I literally almost threw up once today! It was more intense than anything I’m used to and to be honest, I hated every minute of it while I was there.  But again, the endorphins afterwards are ridiculous.  Not to mention how great it feels to push yourself past what you thought you were capable of doing.

The lesson I learned today is change.

Change your routine.  Change your comfort level.  Change your body.

Your body is amazing and incredibly complicated and the bottom line is that there is no major change with the same old thing.  Step off the treadmill or bicycle and try a class that you are unsure of.  Trust me, you won’t be the only new face there.  Classes are great, especially for new-be’s because they provide structure, an instructor to ensure you won’t hurt yourself, and they push you.  You are 90% less likely to quit if you are working out with a group of people.  Yea, that’s a Michelle statistic.  I have no proof of that, other than myself.  If you’re like me and some days you just DO NOT want to work out, put yourself in a class.  You will feel like a jerk if you get up and leave, plus you won’t want to let down your instructor who is smiling at you and encouraging you.  Not to mention you might find you’re good at something that you weren’t aware of before.  At the very least, you will be changing what your body is adapting to (workout-wise) and if you can confuse your body, then you can change it.

Embrace feeling nauseous. I think that means it’s working.   Enjoy:)

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