Today a woman opened up her heart to me, for no reason at all.

Or maybe a reason that I don’t know why, but she engaged me in her story of heartache, trials, faith, and triumph.  She inspired me…every word she said.  I’ve loved her kind soul from the first time I met her, but today, our similarities unified us.  I finally understood why I was drawn to her.  She told me stories that gave me hope, and she shared with me losses that confirmed my fears.  It was one of those rare encounters that occur for no reason, but will last with you always.

And as she told me the heartache she’s experienced in her life, a woman walked by.  She was about 100 feet from me and behind her she pulled a little boy in a wagon.  She struggled with his weight and her frail stature, but she never looked over as she pulled.  The little boy locked eyes with me, but said nothing and didn’t move a muscle.  He looked very much indifferent to his situation, neither happy or sad.  His face was serious with no expression at all.  It was the strangest feeling to see her pass, like something out of a movie or something not quite real…I felt sad.  Not for her, but because of her.  I used to know her…or maybe I never did, I’m not sure.  Some people seem to only be connected to you by genetic code and if that were gone, there never would have been anything there to begin with.  She passed by as easily as a stranger and the little boy had no excitement towards me because he doesn’t even know me.

The story the first woman told me, immediately made me think of the stranger that had not yet walked by.  Then moments later, there she was…pulling a little boy down the street.  And moments from that, she was gone.  I drove a few blocks looking for her, but she was gone.  I don’t know where she went, or why she was walking towards that part of town.  Sometimes to me, she’s like a leaf in the wind.  She’s someone I know but know nothing about, someone I hear but cannot understand.  She drifts in every breeze that blows her way and cares nothing for the direction in which it takes her.  Sometimes she seems to be more like a figment of my imagination than a person I grew up with, and that is what makes me sad.

The entire occurrence was very eerie, and I thought about it the entire drive home.  It was one of those things that felt so odd and out of place, that I began wondering if it even actually happened.  Then I pulled into my driveway and the trees bordering my backyard and the neighboring field, were filled with at least 30 turkey vultures.  If I were superstitious (which I’m not,) I would be very nervous.  Instead, the whole experience was just very unsettling and put a strange mood on the day.

Well that’s me!  How’s your Friday?

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