Sugar and Spice and Everything Nice

Little girls are so sweet.

Tonight, I’m enjoying a different type of girls’ night-one with my two daughters and my niece

My son went on his annual man weekend with his stepfather.  I hate that term because he is more of a father than a boy could ever ask for, and he loves him just as his own blood, but to save you confusion, I will stick with the term.  You see, my husband takes Mason to his dad’s house once or twice a year and they all go fishing on the Chesapeake.  It’s a great time, and I am thankful for it beyond words.  It’s the type of trip my son will remember his entire life.  They fish, play ball in the yard, he eats nonstop, and gets “man time.”  No women allowed.  He talks about it all year long.

So consequently, us “girls” are enjoying a testosterone free weekend.  I feel so spoiled.  My oldest daughter is one of the easiest children in the world.  She is sweet to everyone she meets, she is kind, she is a pleaser.  She never wants me to be upset with her.  She is a bit passive aggressive, but she gets that from me and it always served me rather well:)

My niece came over tonight.  It’s amazing-the dynamics of little girls vs. little boys.  The only word I can find to describe it is EASY!  They are just so cute.  They play together and use their imaginations.  We went on a lonnng walk and they seriously talked and giggled the whole time.  They tell jokes that don’t make any sense while they eat dinner, and they make all these plans for future events.  They try to figure all sorts of things out and their conclusions of things are hilarious.  For instance, I was listening to Ana tell the story of the day she was born and she said their was a horrible, awful storm and the power in the hospital went out, but the moment she was born there was a rainbow that appeared.  Then they came the realization that they are 10 months apart (actually 1 yr and 10 mos, but why correct them because their convo was really funny) and they decided that the rainbow appeared because THAT was when my niece was made in her mommy’s belly.  Seriously.  This was just part of their conversation.

Seeing the two of them reminded me of my childhood and my cousins.  We were so close and some of them still remain as not only my family, but my closest friends.  I am thankful.  Not only did I find my soul mate, but his family is like my soul-family, if that makes sense.  What I mean is, with 10 nieces and nephews, there are 2 for each age-like Noah’s ark:)  I am just so thankful that my kids will get to grow up surrounded by tons of family, as I did.  Family is so important.  Friendships can come and go, be strong or weak, but family is always there.

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