The Women That Never Grow Up

I hate women.

Most women.  And it’s not become I am viscous and antagonistic.  I hate them out of pure self defense.  Women, individually,  are usually sweet.  But what is it about them that when you gather them into a group of four or more?  They’re terrible.  And I just don’t get it.  I am constantly evaluating myself and thinking, “it must be me.  I must come off as a b*tch.”  But it’s not me.  Sometimes, I can honestly say that I feel like I am being targeted.

So you’re not lost, let me paint the picture.

Ana is in Girl Scouts.  I pray often that she won’t want to do it next year.  Why?  Because it is a constant reminder that I don’t do enough, which is a lie, but it is inadvertently implied by the other scouts’ moms.  Do you know that there are moms there that are apparently still irritated that I didn’t work enough cookie booths?  Why do I think this?  Oh, just from a little bit of attitude that I got from another mom at the one booth I did work and the fact that they completely shun me when I’m at a meeting, like I was tonight.  What bothers me about people is that they never try to figure out why something is the way it is.  Like “why” I didn’t do more cookie booths, even though I explained it to our leader.  I had my children every other weekend and on my weekends we were skiing, which mind you, is an expensive sport in equipment, time, and tickets.  The opposing weekends they were with their dad who was only seeing them on those weekends during the entire month.  The point is, there are situations that are not public for everyone’s business and rather than judge a person for what you label as selfishness, maybe you should consider that there are variances that you are not aware of.

Here’s another example.  A woman down the street, in our troop asked months ago if we would like to carpool.  It was one of those suggestions that just had no follow through.  So, a few weeks ago, I contacted her.  She was strange about it (even though she is the one who approached me with the whole idea), but we carpooled twice.  Then last week she said that she would be running late so don’t pick up her daughter.  And then, as if almost magically, she was there before me and stumbling over her words to say why she was there.  I didn’t really care.  I was just trying to be nice.  Today, I texted her saying I could pick up her daughter if she wanted me to and she said, “I think it would be easier to drive separately this week.”  Ok.  Whatever.  Maybe it would be easier.  Maybe she was out and about.  Or, maybe she is just mean.  Do you know she completely ignored me at the meeting, dodging any type of eye contact?  Seriously.

What I just don’t understand is how grown women can act like petty, stupid teenagers.  Sometimes I feel like life is like highschool with bank accounts.  I know that I have a mean face.  I know this.  Trust me.  People have told me my entire life to “smile” because I look mean.  Well I do just that.  I go to these events, plaster a smile to my face, try to be as social as possible (when not shunned), and end up feeling awkward and horrible.

I have three best friends.  They have been my best friends for half of my life and they are good, moral, amazing women.  I am thankful that I don’t need to create any new friendships, but what baffles me is the behavior of grown, adult women.  It is just embarrassing.

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  • Reply Meg May 21, 2013 at 2:03 pm

    You are SO right. I don’t think people change after high school. If they were a catty bitch in high school, most likely they are still one except now they have to find other ways to express their inner mean girl. You should see them in the corporate world! They flourish! It’s like a bigger, badder high school for them. But now the power and money are real and actually mean something (at least to them).

    Even now, in my 30’s I have tried to make friends with people and have felt nothing but rejection. It makes me question what it is about ME that is wrong…and believe me, I do not think of myself as anywhere close to perfect anyway. After so many times of trying I have to stop. I’d rather have no friends than ones that make me feel like I am not worth it.

    Love you! And I am glad we are not just cousins but friends, too! xoxo

    • Reply Michelle May 28, 2013 at 5:39 pm

      Agreed:) Anyone who ever makes you feel lousy isn’t worth anything. It stinks when you’re forced to congregate with them though. I can’t imagine these women in the corporate world. The looks I get are from the other side of the spectrum…where you feel like a hussy if you’re wearing heels and not sweats, and trust me, I practically live in yoga pants. But when I get dressed, I accessorize and I love shoes. Just another thing to be targeted for though. Oh well! Mean girls are and always will be mean.

  • Reply The Women that Create Shitty Offspring – Auburn Ambitions October 28, 2013 at 7:10 am

    […] You may remember that I am not particularly fond of the female gender.  I like maybe 10% of them and that’s not because I am a mean person.  In my defense, I’d say it’s the opposite.  I don’t like them because I know how most women are two faced, shifty, selfish, coniving, and just plain rude. All you have to do to identify one of these women is keep your mouth shut for about 10 minutes, listen to what they say, and voila! You can read more about my opinion on the women that never grow up here. […]

  • Reply Helene July 9, 2014 at 1:54 pm

    I think I have Peter Pan Syndrome, because, I like talking with much younger person, than myself, but I always fall in love with people that are older and wiser,!!! That had been my problem my Whole life! For many years I just walked around in teenage clothing and feel free this way ( mostly in my house )!! Outside I try look like I am ” normal ” And I stoped making good friends in my 30`s And I can not change that situation! So Meg and MIchelle, you are right about the horrible Highschool girls , they are ” worse now” , making Money ect. And I do not like them in Group, but individually, they are mostly very very sweet !! HI from Helene

    • Reply Michelle July 24, 2014 at 6:46 am

      Helene, I totally relate. The thing that is great though, is that by the time you’re an “adult” I think you can more easily identify these women. You can see what’s true and what’s not…it’s not like highschool when you want to so desperately fit in and be understood. Being that it’s been awhile since this post, I feel like I’ve come to a place where even though those “mean” women can get under my skin, they all just have insecurities and it’s more than likely a facade. I think that’s why, individually, they usually are sweet.
      It was great to hear from you, Helene!!

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