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Toxic Lunchables

We are living in an instant gratification day in age.

Whatever is simplest, we pursue.  Waiting for anything is irritating…in fact even I am guilty of closing my browser if I have to wait more than ten seconds for something to load.  Convenience is key to surviving the chaos that we fill our lives with on a day to day basis.  We don’t have to brew entire pots of coffee anymore, measuring the amount of detergent to put in the washer is a thing of the past, we even have travel size tubs of peanut butter…because we all know that scooping two tablespoons into a tiny tupperware container would be the end of the world.

Unfortunately, many of  these shortcuts available come at a price, and it’s your health and more importantly, the health of your children.  While battling my ongoing debate of how to help Mason and his behavior, I’ve been exploring the Feingold diet, as mentioned last week here.  Although we are not 100% yet, we’ve eliminated all yellows, red, blues, and orange dyes, and now we’re working on the chemical and preservative aspects of his diet.  My issue is that his father provides only lunchables, happy meals, fruit loops, fruit snacks, and processed crap to him whenever he has them for dinner or the weekend.  My approach with that family is going to be to educate myself as much as possible, educate them (words that fall on deaf ears,) and if they don’t cooperate in controlling the foods he ingests, which directly correlates with his behavior, than I am taking the entire issue to a higher authority.

So step one was lunchables.  They eat them on Tuesday nights and at least two of the meals he has with them on the rotating weekend he has them.  Why?  Convenience.  Although it quite honestly isn’t cheaper to eat this way, it is a prepackaged meal that requires zero thinking.  The more I’ve read, there’s no good lunchable.  The best ones are only better because they are smaller and your child is consuming less processed crap.  Even the “100% turkey” turns out to be anything but that, made up of  water, potassium lactate, modified corn starch, salt, dextrose, carrageenan, sodium phosphates, sodium diacetate, sodium ascorbate, sodium nitrite, natural and artificial flavor and smoke flavor.  All the other “meats” are similar in makeup, with additional meats “combined and separated” to in the end, create “ham,” “pepporoni,” and “bologna.”  These days, “partially hydrogenated” is thankfully becoming label harder to come by in the food store, but still remains in lunchables.  Here’s some more reasons why not to feed this crap to your kid:

  • A child should have around 1,200 miligrams of sodium a day.  Even the healthiest lunchable contains the upwards of 800, while the most popular ham and cheese contains 1,130mg!!!  One of the largest concerns involving children that consume too much sodium, especially girls, is that their body becomes deficient in calcium and potassium, which increases their risk of developing osteoporosis as an adult.  It obviously also puts them in danger of having cardiac issues as an adult.
  • Over half a dozen of the types of lunchables available account for more than half of a child’s daily intake of saturated fats.
  • The fruit snacks or “berry snacks” contain red dye 40, consist almost entirely of sugar, and have more citric acid in them than the tiniest amount of pear juice…making you wonder where is the fruit in it at all?
  • These meals, which at most consist of 6 or 7 parts, contain over 100 ingredients, including yellow dye 5 and 6, red dye 40, blue dye 1, blue dye 2, BHT, BPA, among many other man made preservatives and chemicals which require a google search before they’re even understandable.

You can research more deeply if it interests you.  In short, these prepackaged boxes of poison are just another item America allows because our country thrives on convenience and minimal effort in raising children.  I know how time consuming it is to prepare meals, day in and day out, but when you feel the urge to grab one of these, read the label.  There shouldn’t be 30 ingredients in a cracker, and there shouldn’t be words in anything you feed yourself or your child that you have to google.  If there is, chances are, it’s just not good for you.  I’m convinced that eventually, America will wake up and follow the ways of other countries, like parts of Europe and make these ingredients illegal.  Either that, or the people running these corporations will have their way in keeping our people sick with various deficiencies from toxic amounts of chemicals we unknowingly consume.  It does do wonders for the pharmaceutical industry though….and just to add in a little pregnancy rant, women are so psycho about what they consume while pregnant, and very much in your face about it.  I am a very healthy person in general, but there are things I still eat when I’m pregnant that people get all judgey about.  What I don’t get, is how do these women care so much about what to feed their unborn child, yet once the child is a few years older and going every which way, it’s then fine to feed them crap?  Why did she even bother while pregnant if she wasn’t going to have follow through when days are a little tougher?  Caring for your child doesn’t stop when he or she exits your body.

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