Who needs sleep when you can eat crispix at 2 am?

Only in the end of your pregnancy is this ok.  In fact, I think it’s mandatory to eat something totally weird in the middle of the night to confirm that you are going to lose your mind if you don’t give birth soon.

Tonight is the first night I’ve embraced my insomnia and rather than tossing and turning in my bed, got up and was productive.  I can’t completely be proud of this, because the truth is my the area under my right upper rib is pounding in the most ridiculous amount of pain, that sleeping is impossible tonight.  My baby boy is diagonal and I’m hoping this is just a repercussion from his butt being lodged under that side.  Needless to say, google is a dangerous thing to have at your fingertips.  Instead of finding why I’m in pain, it’s told me that I’m dying in 5 ways.  Yes, I’m exaggerating.   I will only die in one way if I continue to ignore this pain if it’s not associated with this little man’s extremely awkward choice in how he would like to be positioned inside my body.  I foresee another doctor’s visit in store for tomorrow, which is a joy when you bring a 21 month old along.  She’s either great, or hell on wheels.  I guess it depends on which way the wind blows tomorrow.

So I’ve started to write out all three of my kids’ schedules, plan my meals and shopping lists, and silently panic at all the things I am not yet finished.  The countdown has begun and since it is technically Friday right now, that means I have 16 more days until I meet my fourth and final child.  I am so excited and honestly not nervous at all, aside from  my list of things to still accomplish and have ready before that day arrives.  I still make it to the gym nearly everyday, although each workout reminds me how close to the end I really am.  It feels defeating most days, especially when 30 minutes of cardio is my limit, but I’ve learned through various approaches in being pregnant, working out is the best for you and your baby.  Addie, my third, was an emergency c section, and aside from the drama of it all, it was very easy and the recovery wasn’t bad at all.  Nurses and doctors know when you’ve exercised while pregnant or not.  I’ve had one in which I ate everything under the sun and spent my days on the couch, one in which my only exercise was walking with the stroller, and one in which I did cardio at least 4 times a week.  Recovery is FAST when you are active.  So since I’m even more active with this little guy, maybe it will be a breeze?  Who knows:)  I’m just hoping my thyroid doesn’t take a post partum dump on me again!

Day light savings is this weekend and I am so excited to have longer days.  Spring can’t come soon enough!  I find myself daydreaming lately about dinners on the deck, a baby in a bouncy, the kids running around the yard, and music playing on Pandora.  Oh, and drinking a vodka club with fresh lemon and lime.  Surely I’m not the only preggo that daydreams of alcohol!  I kid, I kid.

That is all:)  I can’t sit here anymore because this pain is almost unbearable.  I will repeat my mantra of “pregnancy is glorious and this is my last so enjoy it,” and I hope you all have a fabulous Friday!




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